Book 1: Leading From The Heart Production Team

Maj Isidro DG VIcente (INF) PA
Deputy Director, ORC (P), PA

Maj Donny N Ravago (MI) PA
Chief, Policy Studies Branch, ORC (P), PA

Cpt Franco Salvador M Suelto (INF) PA
Chief, Admin Branch, ORC (P), PA

Cpt Glenn D De Ramos (INF) PA
Asst Chief, Admin Branch, ORC (P), PA

Cpt Leonard P Del Rosario (INF) PA
Chief, Strategic Studies Branch, ORC (P), PA

Cpt Menard S Rocero (INF) PA
Chief, Policy and Special Studies Section, ORC (P), PA

Lt Col Elmer B Suderio GSC (INF) PA OCG, PA
Maj Jelson Buyuccan (INF) PA OCG, PA
Maj George B delos Angeles (CE) PA OG1, PA
Maj Jan B Molero (INF) PA OG2, PA
Maj Cesar De Ocampo III (INF) PA OG3, PA
Maj Donato A Molina Jr (QMS) PA OG4, PA
Maj Maria Lourdes E Ranario (INF) PA OCG, PA
Cpt Kim L Apitong (INF) PA OCG, PA
Cpt Aris A Gerero (INF) PA OCG, PA
Cpt Jommel Ray P Parreño (INF) PA OCG, PA
Cpt Marc Anthony G Romero (SC) PA OG6, PA
Cpt Apple Ann L Belano (AGS) PA OG9, PA
Tsg Melvin P Saludes (SC) PA ORC (P), PA
Ssg Harold L Carbonell (OS) PA TDC, TRADOC, PA
Ssg Loin V Labilles (Inf) PA OCG, PA
Sgt William C Sajul (MS) PA ORC (P), PA
Sgt Ronie M Halasan (OS) PA ORC (P), PA
Cpl Renz Michael T Endaya (Inf) PA OCG, PA
Pfc Jerry R Sibuyan (Inf) PA ORC (P), PA
Pfc Marlon B Malalis (Inf) PA ORC (P), PA
Pfc Joyce T Jimenez (Inf) PA AAR, PA
Pvt Eva May S Abian (Inf) PA ORC (P), PA
Mary Chriszelle M Puzon CE OG1, PA
Jinky Marie R Semaña CE OG2, PA
Aila Marielle S Conopio CE OG2, PA
Abner H Manuel Jr CE OG2, PA
Pamela Chelsea M Ortiz CE OG3, PA
Chryss Frederick R Pascual CE OG5, PA
Samantha Nicole C Suarez OG6, PA
Melrick B Lucero CE OG7, PA
Alexis Faye A Villegas CE OG8, PA
Gayle P Bitarra CE OG9, PA
Ma Sheyna Elayne G Delos Reyes CE OAGAD, PA
Paolo K Mangulabnan CE RDC, ASCOM, PA

Production Support Staff

Marlon C Magtira
Online Editor

Atty. Melvin G Calimag
Enrique A Suarez
Mereniza D Gomez
Mavreen Jackie P Yapchiongco
Princess Fame I Pascua
Ivon Claire C Domingo
Ian Irving C Bacungan
Nenia A Dulom
Llynette Sheila R Binasoy
Bernadette N Patañag
Derkie Alfonso
Harold E Canlas
Jayrald M Vasquez
Juan Paolo L Magtira

Contributing Writers

Special thanks to:
The offices of Coordinating, Technical, Personal, and Special Staff of the Headquarters, Philippine Army 

To each and everyone of you who were part of the efforts to free the City of Marawi, our deepest gratitude. To anyone we may have overlooked, and for any errors and omissions, please accept our deepest apologies.

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