Why are some Israeli runners still struggling to beat world record time

Israel’s top marathon world record holder, Isaias Adesanya, has struggled to keep up with world record times despite his recent recovery.

Adesanya is currently on a break from running the marathon world championship, which is being held in Isla de San Pedro, Uruguay.

Isaias, the runner-up of the London Olympics, is currently a medical student in Buenos Aires, where he has spent much of the last three months recovering from injuries he suffered in the 2014 London Olympics.

According to the runner’s family, the 28-year-old is currently in the midst of a recovery from a severe ankle injury suffered during the marathon’s opening race, the Los Angeles Marathon, which was staged in Mexico City in January.

Adesanya has been running with his girlfriend and three children since the event.

His family believes his recovery has been hindered by the use of synthetic drugs, which have been used to treat several conditions, including arthritis, a heart condition, cancer and fibromyalgia.

“He is very, very busy, and we don’t know how he will be able to stay on track,” his father, Omer, told The Times of Israel.

“He has a big workload at the moment.”

Adesanyas condition has been aggravated by the fact that the runner has been using a treadmill to run in his home for a number of months.

According to a report in The Times, AdesANYa is now receiving medication from his doctor to treat the ankle injury, which has sidelined him from running for a month and has left him unable to perform in other sports.

In May, Adelsa had to stop running altogether following the surgery. 

However, Adelas family believes the marathon is his best chance at redemption.

“I know he wants to run this marathon, but I do not want to give up on him,” his mother, Elisabeth, told the newspaper.

“If he comes back, he will have a very good chance of winning it.”

Omer Adesania said the runner is in a tough spot.

It is no secret that the Israeli marathoners have struggled to improve on the 2014 world record, which currently stands at 5:08:07, which AdesAAA also beat.

The 2014 record, however, was set in Buenos Ayres, Uruguay, in March of this year.

AdesANYA ran the 2014 Olympic marathon in Argentina with an estimated 5:14:58, but was not able to run the 2015 World Championships, which he did in March.

According the runner family, AdESanya has struggled with his injuries in recent years and is currently receiving medications from his doctors to treat various conditions.

As a result, the athlete is in serious pain, which means he is not able, or able to, run a marathon in the near future.

Adelsa’s mother said she does not think his condition will improve in time to compete in the upcoming marathon in Uruguay, due to the fact his body has not been able to heal properly.

Omer said the marathon will continue to be a dream for the family.

“I want him to be happy,” he said.

“We are hoping he will win it and be able come back.”

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