How to change your phone’s lock screen, without breaking the law: How to delete a phone without breaking its warranty

A few months ago, I was watching the Super Bowl and was surprised to see the NFL’s new iPhone 5S and the iPhone 6s Plus both sporting lockscreen displays. 

The first thing that immediately jumped out at me was that they were both displaying the same screen record feature.

The screen record function is one of the more unique features found on the iPhone and can be found in the app store. 

This feature is a bit like Apple’s own fingerprint scanner on the iPad Pro, which lets you take a picture of a fingerprint and send it to your Apple Watch with a press of a button.

If you’re not familiar with this feature, it lets you quickly and easily erase a phone’s screen by simply swiping on the display. 

You can use this feature with any iOS device with a fingerprint reader. 

Now that I know that Apple does have a fingerprint scanner, it was time to try it out on my iPhone. 

To my surprise, the iPhone 5s was displaying a fingerprint on its screen. 

However, the screen record functionality on my phone was disabled.

The screen record is an interesting feature on iOS because it allows you to erase a device’s screen and then send a picture back to your watch without the need to physically swipe the screen.

In theory, this could allow for faster, more accurate screen erase when you’re on the go or in public.

To disable the screen recorder, just tap on the lock screen and select “Settings” from the Home screen.

Then tap on “Restore.”

Now the screen should disappear from the screen, and you’ll be asked to choose “Restores your iPhone.” 

The screen recorder on my new iPhone is currently only supported in the “iPhone” app and cannot be used on “other devices.”

If your iPhone screen recorder has already been removed, the device is no longer able to record and send a screen record.

While this isn’t technically a bug, it’s worth noting that some apps may be able to trigger the screen recording feature.

This means you can have a screen capture and then a text message from a friend and have it show up on your phone without the phone ever being able to read the message.

This feature is only supported on iPhone and iPad.

Apple’s “Screen Record” feature was originally intended for the iPad.

However, it has been expanded to the iPhone.

The feature was added to the Apple Watch App Store in December 2016, and it works on all Apple Watch devices, including the newest iPhones.

This allows you access to your iPhone without having to remove the screen and restore the screen again.

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