Why the New York Times is reporting on the US’s surveillance of reporters and the NSA

Reporter Anthony Fauci and the Guardian are reporting on how the US is using its surveillance powers to monitor journalists, including journalists working for the Associated Press.

The AP has been one of the most publicly critical news outlets in the US and the report details how journalists are being monitored.

Here are some key moments.

More than 500 journalists and other media organisations in the United States are monitored, the report said, including more than 300 in New York.

The report found that more than 20 percent of US media organisations are now subject to surveillance.

Among the journalists monitored are reporters from AP, the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, the Associated Post, and others.

Fauci said the NSA, in conjunction with a variety of US and foreign intelligence agencies, has access to the internet in some form or another to monitor the communications of reporters.

The report noted that US authorities also use this data to target journalists and journalists’ sources.

The NSA, he said, is spying on journalists for intelligence purposes, and has access, for example, to the emails of AP journalists who are working on stories about US foreign policy.

The government also targets journalists for “cybersecurity threats” and “cybertrocracy threats” as a result of the activities of journalists, the AP reported.

Journalists are being targeted for their reporting and for their role in promoting democracy and human rights in the world.

In addition, the NSA collects the emails and other communications of journalists.

A recent investigation by the Intercept, which is funded by billionaire George Soros, revealed that the NSA had been using a program codenamed PRISM to target media organizations in the country, including AP.

The Intercept’s investigation has also shown that the surveillance is also being used to target reporters.

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