When Republicans are done in Washington, they’re done with me

Republicans are planning to leave the Senate in January 2019.

But that won’t be enough for them to pass legislation repealing the Affordable Care Act, which will be difficult to do.

It will also be difficult for Republicans to get to 218 votes to pass the massive, unpopular tax cut package that President Donald Trump is planning to unveil later this month.

Democrats in the Senate and House have a lot of leverage to pass a massive tax bill, and they are unlikely to be willing to take on the Republican majority.

That’s because the GOP is more than willing to do anything to get there, even if it means that the Senate will be unable to pass it with a simple majority.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York, a member of the Senate Budget Committee, said he has already made plans to vote against a tax cut bill in the coming weeks.

The reason, Schumer said, is that Republicans are going to try to use a procedural tactic known as “nuclear option” to pass their tax bill with a 50-vote threshold.

“It’s just a way of delaying the end of the year,” Schumer said.

“That’s a way to try and push us out of the legislative process and avoid the debt limit limit.”

If the GOP does try to pass its tax bill without a simple 50-percent threshold, Schumer would use a process called “nuclear” that allows senators to invoke a provision known as a “nuclear waiver.”

That allows senators who have already voted to proceed to a procedural vote on the bill without the need for a simple 51-vote majority.

But in this case, Schumer has not ruled out using this tactic.

If Republicans can get 50 votes to get rid of the Affordable Cuts, the Senate would be able to proceed with the tax bill.

But the Democrats don’t want to use the nuclear option because the Republicans could just repeal the tax cuts, which they could then pass with a filibuster-proof majority, Schumer added.

That would give the GOP a major legislative victory.

If Democrats can block the tax cut plan, they could also use this tactic, but Schumer is confident that they will be able, given that the Democrats would not need a simple 52-vote vote to stop Republicans from passing it.

“We can get the Senate to pass something like a nuclear option,” Schumer told CNN’s Jake Tapper.

“We have enough leverage to do that, and the only question is whether they’ll be willing or not.”

Democrats say they have a few tricks up their sleeves to block the GOP’s tax plan, and some of them have already been deployed.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky has already been publicly warning Republicans not to vote for the tax plan unless they vote for a bill to eliminate the individual mandate, which requires many Americans to purchase health insurance.

McConnell told reporters Wednesday that the GOP will “not be able” to get 50 Republican votes to repeal the mandate.

McConnell also has promised that the Republican bill will include a repeal of Obamacare’s individual mandate.

In addition, Democratic senators have begun laying out their own plans to stop the GOP tax bill from going through.

Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin of Illinois, a leader of the Democratic Senate, has already said that Democrats will filibuster any tax bill that doesn’t include a tax on carbon emissions.

And Democrats are also planning to bring a bill on the floor this week that would prohibit the federal government from making new investments in coal-fired power plants, and which would make it harder for the Trump administration to make a profit on fossil fuels.

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