What happened in a moment when Trump’s record was set to expire?

A few days after President Donald Trump’s last inauguration, his new National Security Adviser, retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, spoke to the media about the possibility of a military strike against the Islamic State (IS) and the threat of the terrorist group to the homeland.

Flynn, who was the Trump campaign’s chief foreign policy adviser, had previously said that Trump would not order a ground invasion of Syria.

But after a flurry of leaks and a dramatic decision by Trump’s national security team to withdraw from a plan to deploy a ground force against the IS, the president and his senior national security advisers were forced to take a more conciliatory approach, with Flynn saying that Trump was “hopeful” that a ground-based attack on IS would succeed.

On the morning of January 6, Flynn made his remarks in a video, which was released by the White House and broadcast by NBC News.

The video shows the president talking to the National Security Council staff, saying that he would not “wipe out” the Islamic state.

He said that “we will defeat” the terrorist organization “and it is a war we must win,” adding, “it is going to be a long war.”

The video was the latest in a series of statements by the president to try to calm fears about a ground attack on the IS in Iraq and Syria.

On January 7, the White, House, and Pentagon all announced that there would be no ground ground forces deployed against IS, with Trump saying he would take a “different path.”

But in the days that followed, Flynn changed his tune.

Flynn’s announcement, which came shortly after the announcement that the United States was pulling its troops out of Iraq and withdrawing from Syria, came just as the administration was announcing that it would not pursue a ground assault against IS in Syria.

After weeks of conflicting statements from the Trump administration, Flynn’s comments on January 6 became the clearest indication yet that Flynn was preparing to leave the White house and leave his role as the president’s national-security adviser.

The next day, Flynn appeared on CNN’s State of the Union, where he again claimed that the White Houses plan to pursue a strike on IS in northern Syria was not a military option.

But Flynn’s shift in rhetoric, which began on January 8 and continued throughout January, was far more conciliation than an outright withdrawal from the plan.

Flynn did not say that he was withdrawing from the ground war, nor did he make any specific promises to do so.

Instead, Flynn said that the president was “looking forward to seeing the results of that strike.”

Flynn, like Trump, said that he did not believe that there was a ground offensive in northern Iraq, but that the administration had decided to take “a different path.”

Flynn did say that the ground force would be deployed to take out IS targets, though he did so in a way that would allow the ground forces to continue to “defend the homeland.”

It was a similar argument that Flynn made on Twitter after the February 9 announcement that there were no ground forces planned to go into Syria.

Flynn also claimed that he had spoken to “high-level leaders” from the military, and that the military was still considering a military attack.

But on January 12, Flynn, the day after the White houses announcement, spoke with NBC News and said that there had been no decision to launch a ground operation in Syria and that there has been no “decision on the future” of the plan to take on IS.

“The president and I are still discussing the direction of our strategy, and I think we’re in a position to make a decision on that very quickly,” Flynn said.

“We are hopeful that we can defeat this enemy.

We will defeat this adversary.

We’re not going to take it out of our hands.”

Flynn also did not explicitly say that there is no ground plan in place.

Instead he said that it was “not something that I think the president is considering, nor has he.”

In fact, Flynn stated in an interview with the Washington Post that he “wasn’t clear” whether the WhiteHouse planned to deploy ground forces into Syria, or if the president had “decided to go the other way.”

On January 14, Flynn was interviewed by the NBC News panel that included two CNN reporters.

The panel asked Flynn if he could speak out on behalf of Trump’s decision to pull the United Nations from the war against the so-called Islamic State, which he claimed was a mistake.

Flynn responded that he hoped that “a military solution can be found that is acceptable to everybody.”

But Flynn also acknowledged that the Trump national security advisors who had been involved in the planning for a ground war had made their views clear to the president.

“It was the president who wanted a military solution, and he said it was a military problem that we were going to get rid of,” Flynn told NBC News, adding that he didn’t believe

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