‘Daredevil’ stars and their music videos in a new video

BANGKOK — The last time the star of “Daredevil” had a solo record, it was for the soundtrack to the “Dunkirk” movies.

Now, with “American Ninja Warrior” season 8 just about to kick off, the show’s star is gearing up for a return to the spotlight with a new solo album.

In a video for his upcoming album “The Last Time,” “The Punisher” actor Anthony Mackie said the idea for “Drawn To The Light” was born in a dark place where he was working on a documentary, “American Hero: A Story of Heroes,” about the “American Dream” for many of his favorite American heroes.

“When I heard ‘American Hero,’ I wanted to write an album about the American Dream,” Mackie says in the video, “so I thought, ‘What if I write an American Ninja Warrior album?'”

The Punishers album is called “American Heroes,” a reference to the TV series’ “American Warriors.”

The album will be available in October.

The Punishment, which Mackie played for the first time on the series in 2016, was inspired by the American military’s harsh treatment of prisoners in Vietnam and Vietnam’s subsequent crackdown on the U.S. military and its supporters.

The Punisher’s final fight, “The Final Battle,” marked the first in a series of events that lead to the Punisher becoming the Punishment.

In addition to the album, Mackie is producing a movie based on the book, “In The Line of Fire,” which is scheduled for release in 2019.

“American Heroes” will also feature new music from Mackie, and new versions of his signature characters.

In the video for the album video, Mackies takes a stab at playing a different character.

In the video “The Night of the Punishers,” Mackies plays the villain, the Punishing One, a former cop turned vigilante who is the subject of a major investigation.

The video is called, “Punishing,” and the song is called,”I Am The Punishing.”

The Punishing one is a big part of the album’s music.

It features lyrics like”I have seen the Punished and I am not proud of it,” says Mackie.

“I was in the line of fire, and the first thing I saw was a face with a gun, a face like the Punishings face, a guy with a blade.”

Mackie plays the Punifishers main antagonist in the album.

The album also features “Piggy” from “American Sniper,” the voice of the hero.

“Pig” is a “Pugilist” from the TV show, played by Mackie’s brother, Sam.

In “Pugs” from 2016, he voiced the “Puppy” from TV series “Duck Dynasty.”

“American Hero” also features a special appearance by “The Black Widow” from Fox’s “Marvel’s Agent Carter,” played by M. Emmet Walsh.

Mackies new music video also features the voice and character of “The Killer.”

It features a cameo by actor, who played “The Man With the Golden Gun,” Robert Knepper in “The Killing of Bobby Sands.”

Mackleies new album is a direct result of the work he did on the “Marvel Comics” books.

He worked on the stories as a writer, artist and sound engineer.

The songs are the result of those efforts.

“Marvel” has become one of the most popular comic book titles in history.

It has sold more than 30 million copies, and it’s been adapted into countless movies, TV shows, and other media.

Mackie also wrote a novel about the character, “Sons of the Mist,” which won the 2013 Hugo Award.

“The Punishments” is one of only two albums that Mackie has written for Marvel.

The other one is his album “Black Hammer” from 2014.

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