How to spot the phony records scandal: A guide to the fake records scandals

The phony record scandal is sweeping across New York state.

And the media, the governor and the courts are struggling to explain how it began.

Here’s a guide to what you need to know about the latest.

What we know about fake records:The New York State Court of Appeals found in August that New York City’s Office of the Comptroller and the State Police were falsifying thousands of records in a scandal that prompted a recall election in November.

The case stems from a lawsuit by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

But a New York Court of Special Appeals judge in August rejected the prosecution’s case, and the AG is appealing the decision.

The AG and Schneiderman’s lawyers said they are preparing an appeal to the New York Supreme Court.

What the court has ruled: The court upheld the conviction of a former New York police officer, Thomas B. Giannini, in a case that stemmed from a probe of the agency.

The court found that prosecutors did not meet their burden of establishing the facts for the fraud, which was motivated by political motivations, not criminal ones.

In a ruling, Judge William O. Lippman said that prosecutors’ case did not demonstrate “a likelihood that the defendants would have engaged in such fraud.”

The judge said prosecutors had to prove that Giannino was the one who had created and maintained the fake police records, and that it was “unlikely” that he was involved in the creation of the records.

The judge noted that Gancini had never been convicted of a crime in the investigation and that prosecutors failed to establish that Gantini had committed any crime.

Giannini has been in prison since his arrest in December 2016.

He is serving a 30-year sentence for forging his way through a system that requires police to verify that people are innocent.

Prosecutors in the case were able to establish the fake officers records after an undercover detective posing as an alleged criminal named “Lola” called the Office of Comptroller John F. Sweeney, who then used his name in a report to the Com- for-Govt., according to court records.

Prosecutors also established Gianninis’ role as the person who created the fake agency, which they said “would be able to be used to obtain a warrant to obtain records of people without having to go through the court system,” the judge wrote.

In court filings, prosecutors said that Sweeney and Gantinis used aliases and used the names of others.

Sweeney’s name was used in the fake officer files, prosecutors wrote, and Gannini’s name appeared on the officer records as a fake officer.

In his defense, Gantinus argued that he had never had an arrest record and had never violated any laws in the past.

Gannini, however, said in a court filing that he did have a criminal record and said he had been arrested “many times” in the state.

He also said he was arrested in 2002 and 2003, for allegedly selling cocaine, and had a lengthy criminal record.

Gantini also said that a police officer had given him $1,000 in cash in exchange for a lie detector test, which he gave to the investigator posing as a criminal, prosecutors claimed.

But prosecutors said they had no evidence of a “larceny from a peace officer” in relation to that cash.

What to know: The prosecutor’s office declined to comment on Gianninus’ case.

Gantonini’s attorney, Peter T. Tomsen, said he did not know the specifics of the case, but said it was a “scandal that has devastated my client and will continue to do so.”

Tomsen said Gianninos’ criminal record had nothing to do with his police work, and he was “absolutely not” the person involved in falsifying records.

“This case is a perfect example of a corrupt administration that wants to hide a scandal,” Tomsan said.

Gantsen said that he hopes to appeal the court’s decision.

“We have a lot of work to do,” he said.

“It is very sad to see this happening in New York.”

What we don’t know: Prosecutors did not reveal how many people they were investigating or what crimes they were looking into.

The prosecutor did not provide a timeline of when the investigations started.

The judge said the cases are still being investigated, and no charges have been filed.

What we do know: Schneiderman has said the investigation began in March 2016, and it was the AG’s office that started looking into it.

The office, which is headed by state Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa, is one of the agencies that the AG oversees.

The AG’s staff was alerted to the problem when a citizen complained to the AG that the agency had created fake police reports.

Schneiderman asked the office to investigate the issue, and later said the office was investigating “every angle.”

But the investigation was only launched after it was revealed that

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