How ‘Dirty Work’ Became a Chess Record by Anthony ‘Chessian’ Silva

A record collection of sorts has been released that traces the evolution of Chess’s iconic record label from its inception in 1996, through to its current iteration, Chessian Records.

The collection, titled Dirty Work, includes Chessian’s first two studio albums: “Chessist”, which was released in 2004 and has since been reissued as Dirty Work II, and “Dirty”, which is now available on iTunes.

It’s the second in a series of six Chess records which are slated for release on Chessian in the coming months.

Chessian is now celebrating its 10th anniversary and is aiming to be the most widely-available Chess record label in the world.

As Chessian was released during the last major Chess year, we had to start collecting Chess records in the year since then.

So now we’ve collected some of the records from that year, and we’re going to be releasing the remaining Chess records starting from July.

It’s very exciting, and very exciting to collect records, but also to work on new records.

This year has been very important for Chess as a label, as we’ve been very much working on the record with the new CEO, Mark Biermann, and the new Chairman of Chess, Joe Stiglitz.

We’re trying to create a world-class record label that can serve as a reference for the chess world, to the chess community, and to players and fans around the world, which is why we are really excited about the record collection.

The record collection has been recorded and mixed at Chessian HQ in New York, where the company also employs its own sound engineers.

I had the opportunity to record at Chess’s HQ in the US for the first time last month, and I can say I’ve never heard anything like it, and it’s really impressive.

We had this idea of making Chessian records as a one-stop shop, but now it’s a global brand.

Chessians goal is to be globally recognized, and that’s really where we’re heading.

As we get into the next year, the Chessians first focus will be to work with our own record label, which we will work with Chessian Music, which will be based in New Zealand.

The Chess Music label will be able to release Chessian releases in the States and around the globe.

There’s also the Chess Media, which Chess is releasing on a worldwide basis through, Chess Media Europe, Chess Music Asia, Chess Entertainment Asia, and Chess Publishing Asia.

We will also be publishing Chess Media Asia, a division of, Chess Films, and other content.

The Chess Media division will be focused on the Chess World Championship in December, which has already been announced for 2015.

The focus will remain on Chess, and on Chess Media and Chess.


We have great respect for the Chess world, and with the Chess Championship coming up, we are trying to produce a global product, so we’re also going to work together with Chess Media to bring that content to fans in different countries around the planet.

In addition to Chess Media releasing Chess content, we also plan to release additional Chess content via, Chess Online, Chess TV, and others.

We’ll also be launching a Chess YouTube channel, where fans can watch the Chess Masters tournaments.

We think the Chess media is one of the most exciting new channels on the internet, and are looking forward to launching Chess.

We’ve got a ton of exciting content to deliver, and you will be getting that content over the next couple of months.

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