Archaeologists find rare clay pot in Ohio excavation

An Ohio archaeologist has found a rare clay jar containing a large ceramic bowl, which could have been used to brew tea. 

An excavation of a house in the city of Columbus found an ancient pot that was “a great find” said Richard McLeod, an assistant professor of history at Cincinnati’s Franklin and Marshall College.

The pot was unearthed in the 1760s, about five years after Columbus moved from its original location in Ohio to become a city.

McLeod says that pot was made of clay and probably dates back to the Bronze Age.

The clay bowl, he said, was probably used to drink tea.

McNeil has been collecting clay jars for a number of years.

He first learned about the pot when he visited the excavation site in 2011.

McNeil and his team dug up a 1760-built house in a small village called Blackwood, about 100 miles east of Columbus.

The archaeologists were digging for a nearby tomb when they stumbled upon a small pot.

“I had no idea what it was,” McLeod said.

“I didn’t even know what a clay pot was, because I had never even seen one.

It was a huge surprise.”

The archaeologists found a ceramic bowl with a clay lid, and they also found a number that was probably made from clay, McLeod added.

A clay pot would have been very valuable, McNeil said.

He believes the ceramic bowl was used to boil a pot of tea.

The researchers did not know what kind of tea it was, but they thought it might be a kind of porcelain tea.

The ceramic bowl is the second one they have found.

Last week, a team of archaeologists discovered a similar clay bowl from the same village, and another one that had been in a separate house.

One of the bowls was from the 1720s.

McNeils team has also been working on other pottery excavations, and he hopes to find another bowl from this period.

In addition to pottery, the archaeologists found some gold and silver coins in the ceramic pot.

The researchers have not been able to determine the dates for the pot or the coins, and it is unknown how long the pot has been in existence.

Other artifacts found in the pot include a metal cross with a stylized bird in its talons, and a copper pot with a small copper cup and lid.

There was also a metal coin with an arrowhead embedded in the bottom, McNeels said.

It is believed to be from a 17th-century period, he added. 

The archaeologists believe the ceramic pots are part of the same collection of pottery from the late 1700s to early 1800s.

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