What it’s like to have the Guinness World Records title

After all these years, a record for the longest-running, most-expensive celebrity endorsement deal, the most-uncomfortable-to-work-with celebrity hotel, the one-of-a-kind “best-of” collection of photos from all of the world’s biggest and best fashion shows — this is still one of the biggest celebrity news stories of the year.

And it’s a story that’s likely to stay in the news for years.

The deal is the most expensive endorsement deal ever.

It’s the most outrageous — even for a celebrity — and the biggest in the history of the company.

And it’s also, as of this week, one of a kind.

Gillette’s latest $250 million deal with ESPN, in which it has the exclusive right to air its “SportsCenter” broadcasts, was finalized last week.

The deal also includes the right to stream its live and on-demand content to ESPN’s mobile app, a deal that would be exclusive to ESPN for at least five years.

But that’s only the beginning.

Gilley’s deal with Nike was signed in 2013 and also covers “Sportscenter” broadcasts.

Nike also owns the rights to the company’s signature shoe line, Nike+ , and it has exclusive rights to stream “SportsNation,” “Pepsi Sports,” and “The Michael Jordan Experience” — as well as other live and mobile content from the company — for seven years.

And ESPN, which has a 10-year deal with Gillette for the exclusive rights for all of its sports content, will have exclusive rights and a “significant” share of revenue for “Sports” from the deal, said a statement.

While the “Sports Center” deal is one of only a few that’s been on the books since before the advent of the internet, it’s still one for the record books.

“Sports and the SportsCenter” deal will be the most complicated of any deal, says Jeff Diener, chief marketing officer at brand consulting firm The Firm.

The “SportsPlus” deal that Nike signed with the NFL and NBA in 2011 included a “broad-casting rights agreement” with ESPN.

But the terms of that deal didn’t include a “sports-centric content deal,” he said.

“They just talked about their broadcast rights, but they didn’t give a specific description of what the content was going to be.”

The deal with CBS is similar to the one with ESPN: The deal will include “broadcast rights,” which is the right for ESPN to air “SportsCenters” content, Diener says.

But it’s the right, as Diener notes, to stream all of “SportsCENTERS” content to all of ESPN’s platforms, including the Apple TV, Roku, Xbox, PlayStation, Amazon Fire, Android, Apple Watch, and Apple TV devices.

And CBS has exclusive global rights to all “Sports.”

So, if you’re a sports fan or someone who wants to catch up on the latest headlines and events, this is one you should probably look forward to.

(We’re assuming that’s the case, since we haven’t seen the “sports” section of CBS’s new CBS Sports app, which will debut this fall.)

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