NASA says it is setting the record for the longest-running live-streamed marathon in history

NASA has officially set the record of the longest live-broadcast marathon, tweeting Thursday that it was “set in the middle of the night on the evening of September 4, 2020, on the morning of August 29, 2020.”

The official announcement is a bit of a disappointment for the agency, which has been using the record as an excuse to launch a series of missions and missions are planned for 2020 that will include the first-ever flyby of a comet, and the first human-carrying spacecraft to the moon.

That means that the official 2020 marathon will be set in 2020, when NASA is set to launch its Cassini probe and Cassini orbiter.

However, it’s worth noting that the marathon is set in the same year that the space agency plans to launch the first spacecraft to Mars.

NASA has also used the official Marathon record as a way to justify its mission to send a rover to Mars, and to announce the results of a scientific study.

The official Marathon tweet comes in the wake of a decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit in Maryland that ruled that the 2020 Marathon should be kept in the public domain.

This decision is not a surprise.

We have been very clear that we want to keep this record of record and keep it in the domain of public domain,” NASA’s official tweet read.

“The Marathon was created to inspire, educate, and unite all people of all ages around the world, as a source of inspiration and hope for our planet.” “

The Marathon is one of our highest priorities,” the spokesperson said.

“The Marathon was created to inspire, educate, and unite all people of all ages around the world, as a source of inspiration and hope for our planet.”

The marathon was first broadcast on YouTube in March of 2018, but was never officially broadcast.

It was eventually made public by NASA in November of 2020, and NASA also streamed it for free.

NASA previously streamed the Marathon from Earth on September 4 in the “sky” of the Moon, where the marathon was supposed to start at midnight local time.

The streaming platform was temporarily shut down on Thursday, and it is currently offline in the United States and Europe.

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