How to track your marriage: the new records app

What if you want to know how many people you’ve been married to, how many children you have and when?

Well now you can with the marriage records app, a new free application that lets you see how many couples you’ve married, the ages of your children and even how many marriages have been annulled.

The app is free for people aged between 18 and 34.

“What we’ve done with the app is allow people to have a real-time view of the data they’ve uploaded,” said the app’s chief executive, Matthew Tew.

“So we have an estimate of the number of couples who have been married and also the number who have had annullations and the number that have been removed from the record, which means we can make a better educated guess about the number, or the age and the relationships of the people who have gotten married.”

Marriage records can be uploaded and deleted in seconds.

“If you don’t want to have access to those data, you can opt out of it, but if you do want to see those data you’ll need to register with the government,” Mr Tew said.

“You can get a very high level of privacy with the Marriage Registry and we do provide the option to register to access the data.”

He said there was a lot of confusion around marriage records.

“A lot of people are unaware of the difference between marriage records and marriage certificate records,” Mr Kinsley said.”[A] lot of Australians don’t understand what marriage is or the relationship between marriage and divorce, they think that’s a different kind of relationship between two people.”

“Marriage is a very important institution in Australian society, but we also have to remember that there are thousands of Australians who have not got a marriage certificate or a marriage record, and those Australians are not being recognised as citizens.”

“They’re not even being considered citizens.”

The app uses data from the Federal Department of Human Services to create a detailed picture of your family’s history.

“We have to know where they were born, what their education level was and what their marriage status was,” Mr Clements said.

“We also have information about the relationship they had with their partners.”

He explained that the app would allow Australians to see how well they did in school and what school they went to, and how much time they spent at home.

“If they have a relationship that’s ended they can see that information in the app and it’ll help them see where they’re at with their life.”

Mr Clements told ABC Radio Canberra that the data from marriage records was used to improve marriage counselling, including through online training.

“It gives us a real time view of how well the person is doing in their marriage and it gives us information on how the relationship has gone,” he said.

The app will also help people who want to look at their marriage history in a more detail.

“There’s an option to get a divorce report, for example, which shows the marriage record,” Mr Bower said.


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