The Counties Record: Deadlifts 4×100 meters at 9.57 seconds, breaking the record for a male marathoner

Posted September 10, 2018 12:16:10After setting the country record for the world record deadlift at 9:56 seconds, the country’s record-holder, a 26-year-old woman from the town of Wainwright, Indiana, has broken the world’s record for female marathoners with a new personal best of 4×110 meters.

The Wainwrightsville, Indiana native, who is listed on the local record book as a female, beat her previous world record of 4:08 by 2 seconds at the Women’s World Championships in New York in February 2018.

The Wainsville Record was set in the early morning hours of August 6, 2018, after a 5:38 marathon by Paula Deen, a 25-year old from the same town, broke the previous record of 3:50 set by Rita Jeans of the United Kingdom.

On Sunday, Jeans set the new record for women with a time of 4.05 seconds at a meet in St. Louis, Missouri.

The record was set by a 26 year-old female in St Louis, Mo., who also won the US record with a 5.13-second run.

“The world record for any marathoner is 3:52,” Wainwrsville Record Coordinator Kristin Miller said in a statement.

“We had a chance to break the previous world records and it’s incredible that we’ve achieved this milestone.”

The Waverly Record was established in 1982 when the Wainwaltersville, Missouri, Record Book was created.

The female world record is 3.62 seconds.

The male world record has been held by a man, 26-years-old Mike Smith, of North Carolina, since the Waverleysville Record Book in 1988.

Smith set the record in the Wimmerley meet, a meet of men aged between 26 and 33 that has been run since 1981.

Smith ran the world 4×400 meter record in 6:40.22 seconds.

“I was really surprised to see that Paula Deena set a world record in 4x 110 meters,” Miller said.

“The record is just incredible and I’m proud of her and the women of Waverwood and all that she has accomplished.”

The women’s world record stood at 3:48.55, set by American Olympic track star Jenny Simpson in 1976.

Simpson broke the record at the 1976 Olympics, beating her previous best of 3.54 seconds by 1.05 second.

Simpson’s previous world marathon world record was 3:46.58, set in 1988 by American runner and Olympic champion Cindy Seyfried.

The women who broke the world records at the world championships in New Jersey in August 2018, including Jeans, are: American record holder Lizzie Zierdt, 26, of Washington, D.C., Netherlands; Dutch record holder Eveline Molles, 26 of Düsseldorf, Germany; Australian record holder Amanda Leck, 26; Australian track and field star Jodie Mckenzie, 25, of Victoria, Australia; Belgian record holder Marie-Josée Tompkins, 25; and Belgian women’s record holder and Olympic medalist Marnie Verhaeghe, 25.

Johanna Meeus, 22, of Berlin, Germany, was a silver medalist in the women’s 5000 meters in Rio.

The US record was 4:48 by Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin in the 5,000 meters at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

The world records for men and women were set at the World Championships, held in Athens in August, by Germany’s Hans Jansen, who was an 800-meter gold medalist and two-time world record holder, and Australian track record holder Jason Day, who won gold in the 400-meter freestyle relay.

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