What to watch for in Broncos’ loss to Chargers

By Mike KlisOctober 2, 2018 6:24amIn the second half, Denver’s defense did what it’s supposed to do: get rid of the ball.

The Broncos didn’t give up any points until they scored a touchdown, then they scored one more touchdown in the final two minutes of the game.

They were able to get the ball back and drive, but they couldn’t get any points.

It’s easy to say the Chargers played better on offense, but Denver was able to move the ball and score more points.

If the Broncos are going to get better, they need to stop taking chances and focus on finishing drives.

The Chargers are a good defense, but this wasn’t a great game for them.

It was just too easy for the Broncos to beat them.

Here are some other things to watch in the game:Quarterback Trevor Siemian (7-0) was excellent.

Siemian was accurate, but not great.

Siemians first pass went for no gain, but his next one went for a touchdown.

Siemien had a couple good throws to run the ball, but when he had to take a hit on third-and-4, Siemian didn’t throw it well.

He made a good throw on the next play that went for 20 yards.

He’s got some potential, but he needs to work on his accuracy.

Running back Ronnie Hillman (4-5) did well.

Hillman got to the quarterback once, but that’s it.

He did have a good catch in the red zone.

Hill could have done better in the first half, but it wasn’t as bad as the third quarter.

He didn’t take his eyes off the ball as much as he did in the third.

Running back Melvin Gordon (5-8) was the best running back on the field, but the Broncos should be happy with his performance.

He carried the ball a lot in the second and third quarters, and he finished with 6 carries for 54 yards and a touchdown and an interception.

Quarterback Paxton Lynch (3-8, 1 TD) struggled early in the year, but then his numbers started to improve.

Lynch ran the ball just a little too much and was pressured.

He had three sacks, but only four tackles.

The Broncos need him to be more physical in the pocket.

Defensive tackle Derek Wolfe (3, 7 sacks) was great.

He was very disruptive for the Chiefs, and that’s exactly what he was.

He started the game with a sack and two tackles, but later he was a disruptive force.

Wolfe had a sack in the fourth quarter.

The Chargers defense played well in the opening half.

They had a nice turnover at the end of the first quarter.

But they were not able to convert on any of the big plays that Denver scored.

That was a big problem, because they were playing good defense on defense.

If you’re going to score points, you need to be able to stop the run.

In the first game, Denver scored touchdowns on six straight plays, and then they had five more points in the last two minutes.

The Chiefs have a tough matchup against the Chargers.

They’ve won seven straight games, and the Broncos have lost five of their past six games.

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