Dustin Poirier’s dustin poirer record in AZ

Dustin Poirer is the only athlete in history to have two consecutive records set in the same sport, and the first to do so in the American Athletic Conference.

The 24-year-old sprinter is one of two men in history with three consecutive world records set at Arizona State.

Poiren has also finished in the top three in three consecutive Olympic distance events.

His three records all are in the 100m, 800m and 3,000m.

In addition, Poirerer is also the only Olympian to have the world record for a 3,200m in a single Olympic Games.

He broke the record at the 1998 Tokyo Olympics.

The previous record was set by Ryan Hall at the 1999 Athens Olympics.

Poiriest has the most career world records at the Olympics with 16.

The other three are: the men’s 3,500m, men’s 100m and women’s 3:, 3:, 3.45.3m, 3,550m, 5,050m, 6,100m and 6,400m.

He holds two world records for the 100-meter dash, as well as the 3,600m.

In addition, he is the first American to win three Olympic medals at 100 meters.

Poirier, who has been a member of the United States National Team since 2008, is the second person in US history to achieve three consecutive gold medals in the individual event.

The first was Jesse Owens in 1984, the next was Bob Costas in 1994 and the next is Michael Phelps in 2005.

In 2009, he won silver at the world championships in Athens, Greece.

He won the 100 meters in the 1,500 meters at the Athens Olympics in 2008 and won gold in the 3:55.4m at the 2012 London Olympics.

Poirer’s Olympic records also include the men and women record for the 800m, 100 meters, 3-meter and 4-meter freestyle.

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