About Marawi and Beyond Book Series

Providing the most comprehensive documentation of how the Philippine Army dealt with the Marawi Crisis, the Marawi and Beyond | The JTF Marawi Story book series is dedicated to the 165 soldiers and policemen who died and to all those who were involved in the operations against the ISIS-Maute Terrorist Group during the Battle of Marawi from May 23, 2017 to October 23, 2017.

“The Marawi Book Series provides a comprehensive illustration of what we have actually experienced and accomplished in Marawi.”

Marawi and Beyond | The JTF Marawi Story was published by the Operations Research Center, Philippine Army in March 2018, in partnership with Tarlac Heritage Foundation and Teramag Publishing. Along with the other six handbooks: Leading From The Heart; Effective Public Information Strategies; Truth Conquers; Serving the Community in Times of Crisis; Breaking Extremist Narratives; and Honoring The Sacrifices, the book series aims to shed light on the valiant efforts and triumphs of the Philippine government security forces who bravely faced and ultimately defeated terrorists in the Marawi siege. Through a carefully curated collection of accounts, interviews, and first account narratives, it elucidates the profound challenges that soldiers encountered while combating terrorism head-on. By offering a nuanced perspective and delving into the strategies, tactics, and sacrifices made by these brave individuals, this website highlights the exceptional dedication and courage displayed throughout the 147-day battle from May 23, 2017 to October 17, 2017. It goes beyond mere victory narratives to explore essential aspects such as the emotional toll on soldiers involved, their preparedness for combat situations, and the strength of unity within their ranks. Additionally, this platform endeavors to honor those who paid the ultimate price in protecting innocent lives against the heinous acts perpetrated by ISIS-Maute terrorist group. Overall, this book series serves as an invaluable resource for both professionals in military and civilian sectors seeking valuable insights or researchers keen on understanding historic triumphs against terrorism.

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MOTHERBOOK | Marawi and Beyond: The Joint Task Force Marawi Story

This book is a compendium of synopsis of the more detailed topics of books 1 to 6.

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An enduring documentation of the leadership journey of the military during the Marawi siege, this book is about the stories and experiences of our leaders during and after the crisis. “Leading from the Heart” is an inspirational book of the Art of Army Leadership.

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BOOK 2 | Effective Public Information Strategies

From its infancy late in the evening of the 23rd of May 2017, the Public Information campaign became the face of JTF Marawi. It centered its dealings with local and foreign media practitioners and outfits, the local communities, the entire nation, and the rest of the world. It regulated, managed, coordinated, and synchronized the press, TV, radio, print, and social media bulletins, forums, programs, press conferences, briefings, updates, discussions, and stakeholder engagements.

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BOOK 3 | Truth Conquers

For the first time, the Armed Forces of the Philippines confronted a battle on a medium entirely unknown to us – operating in a social media world. Team Tabak had to quickly improvise a social media center capable of creating an effective counter-offensive and proactive messaging – the voice of truth. Truth truly sets the Filipino people free.

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BOOK 4 | Serving The Community In Times of Crisis

The key to breaking the barriers of trust was letting people fully understand the military’s intentions and actions on the ground. The war against terrorism requires the community’s involvement, their desire to rise above the present crisis, and a commitment to realize our goals, providing them a sense of shared responsibility in our joint pursuit of peace and prosperity. In doing so, the entire community actively partnered to rebuild their lives.

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BOOK 5 | Breaking Extremist Narratives

This book defines the concepts of extremism, radicalization, and terrorism in light of our exposure on the ground during the Marawi crisis. Entitled “Breaking Extremist Narratives,” this book implies our thrust in various CVE initiatives to address violent extremism. We exhort historical perspectives of extremist structures and systems that shaped the narratives espoused by the ISIS-Maute Terrorist Group. Our social and traditional media campaigns and community and stakeholder engagements conducted during the crisis are illustrated to draw insights and lessons on how we dealt with extremist ideologies and radical ideas, thereby enhancing our overall CVE agenda.

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BOOK 6 | Honoring The Sacrifices

In this book, we pay tribute to the heroism of our fallen troops, who paid the ultimate price to defend our country against the ISIS-Maute Terrorist Group in the siege of Marawi City. Their selflessness, courage, valor, devotion to duty, integrity, and loyalty are virtues that should not go unnoticed. To offer one’s life in the service of the country is the supreme sacrifice that any person in uniform can ever make – this should always be remembered! At the same time, we acknowledge the overwhelming support from the different sectors of society, national and international organizations, government and non-government agencies, and individuals, particularly President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, who frequently visited ground zero to boost the morale of his troops. Lastly, the book accentuates the simple tokens and gestures extended to our troops, such as the heartfelt letters and songs expressing support, encouragement, and hope, which deeply moved our soldiers’ hearts.

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