A Closer Look at JTF Marawi Commander

Posted on June 21, 2019

Journey: A Glimpse into the Life in the Service of Lt. Gen. Rolando D. Bautista, the 59th Commanding General of the Philippine Army

“There is a journey that we partake of as we go through life. However, a deeper journey is borne out of the physical, and it is that which changes you from the inside that makes you love people more and more as you engage them, and that which is most important… the why behind the things we do. Why do we do it with a spirit of humility, dedication, and openness and allow God to transform us from within? Through faithfulness in the observance of duty or allegiance as the case may be, begins from the inside and spreads to the outside.”
— Lt. Gen. Rolando Bautista


Tradition dictates that one of the last publications an outgoing Commander releases is his tour-of-duty report and an autobiography. The 59th Commanding General of the Philippine Army has decided to forego the convention and, in place, a book honoring the men and women in uniform who have played a significant role in his official life in the Philippine Army. These distinguished men and women have been the wind beneath his wings. Throughout his 37 years in the service, he made it his policy to nurture human resources, husband it, and invest in it so that it would contribute to positive returns in due course.

“For Lieutenant General Rolando Joselito Delizo Bautista AFP, there is no greater honor than to be counted among the men and women in uniform who serve the people and secure our land.

“While it is unfortunate that some uniformed officers and personnel who served alongside him through the years have gone on before him, it is important to bear in mind that each and every one of them rendered service to ensure freedom across our land.

“This article recognizes their substantial contributions to the country. May their heroic deeds live on forever in the hearts and minds of a grateful Nation.”

— Isa Cojuangco SuntayTarlac Heritage Foundation