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This website aims to shed light on the valiant efforts and triumphs of the Philippine government security forces who bravely faced and ultimately defeated terrorists in the Marawi siege.

Through a carefully curated collection of accounts, interviews, and first account narratives, MarawiandBeyond.com elucidates the profound challenges that soldiers encountered while combating terrorism head-on.

By offering a nuanced perspective and delving into the strategies, tactics, and sacrifices made by these brave individuals, this website highlights the exceptional dedication and courage displayed throughout the 147-day battle from May 23, 2017 to October 17, 2017. It goes beyond mere victory narratives to explore essential aspects such as the emotional toll on soldiers involved, their preparedness for combat situations, and the strength of unity within their ranks.

This platform also endeavors to honor those who paid the ultimate price in protecting innocent lives against the heinous acts perpetrated by the ISIS-Maute terrorist group. Overall, this website is an invaluable resource for professionals in military and civilian sectors seeking valuable insights or researchers keen on understanding historic triumphs against terrorism.

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