Reflective Journey of Army Leadership

“In times of conflict and confusion, leadership provides direction, mitigates uncertainties, and turns challenges into opportunities.” — Lt Col Jo-ar Herrera

Leading from the Heart guides you through a reflective journey of Philippine Army leadership as exhibited throughout the five-month-long Battle of Marawi. In this book, we tell the narratives of some of our Army leaders’ triumphs, challenges, innovations, adaptations, and lessons learned.

This book includes stories that are based on the testimonies of some of our military officers who, through their leadership, surmounted the challenges that they encountered throughout this campaign. Their courage and vision inspired our troops to soldier on to victory.

May their narratives inspire all who seek to learn the art and science of leadership in the pursuit of life.

Director, Operations Research Center, PA
Former Spokesperson/AC of S for CMO (G7),
Joint Task Force Marawi/1st Infantry (Tabak)
Division, Philippine Army

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