Art of Army Leadership

This book is an enduring documentation of our leadership journey during the Marawi crisis. It tells our stories and experiences during and after the crisis in the hopes that it will serve as a reference for the next generation of Philippine Army leaders. As part of warfighting functions, leadership became a game-changer in defeating the enemy during the crisis in Marawi City.

Since this was the first time our Army encountered such a magnitude of violence, the quality of leadership proved crucial to attaining victory. As commanders in today’s unpredictable world, we must continuously learn and refine the art and science of war. This we must do if we have to fulfill our mission to serve the Filipino people and protect our country. As leaders, we must not only be proficient in the military art. We must also inspire our troops to overcome challenges and triumph over them.

As Army leaders, we should be effective, trustworthy, and competent. These timeless principles were again proven essential in Marawi City. It is because of this that we will always remember those who served in that hard-fought campaign. Thus, the reason for this handbook. May all who read it find ways to further improve on them. We can never be complacent and rest on our laurels.

Commanding General, Philippine Army
Former Commander, Joint Task Force Marawi/
1st Infantry (Tabak) Division, Philippine Army

(This entry is part of Book 1: Leading from the Heart.)

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